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One of the things I’ve learned from the many WoW blogs I peruse at work (Google® Reader: 1, Internet filters: 0!) is that consistent updates are the key to attracting — and retaining — readers.  Once I add a blog to my feedreader, it’s there forever (lazy ‘lock is lazy), but my favorite blogs are inevitably those I can count on for frequent updates.

This isn’t to say that quantity > quality; far from it!  But no matter how well-written a blog is, if it’s only updated once or twice a month, it’s unlikely to hold my interest for much longer than it takes to read through the last half-dozen entries.

Part of it has to do with relevance.  If an author’s most recent post is a three-week old description of her first impressions of Northrend, then it’s going to feel dated to someone who has already leveled to 80 and led her guild through Naxx 25.  It may be beautifully written, vivid and nostalgic — but it just isn’t relevant.

More importantly, it doesn’t allow the author to establish a personal connection with her readers.

So.  Three weeks ago, you set hoof, toe, claw or paw in Howling Fjord.  You were awed by the scenery, fascinated by the Vyrkul, suspicious of the Forsaken’s new research into the plague …

But that was three weeks ago! — a lifetime in the World of Warcraft, where epic battles are fought on a seven-day reset timer.  What have you done since then?  Where have you been?  Who have you seen?

The authors I enjoy the most are those who allow us to share their experiences, be it as roleplayers, guild leaders, a businessmen or an altoholics.

I disagree with almost everything the Greedy Goblin has to say … but his blog is one of the first I check each morning because I know there will be something new and provocative to read.

My hunterling has been sitting at level 30, collecting dust and rest XP in Shadowprey Village for six months … but Aspect of the Hare and BigRedKitty will be on my blogroll (when I get around to creating one), because they are so well and so personably written that I almost feel I know Pike and BRK personally, although I’ve never spoken to them or even commented in their blogs.  (What can I say?  I’m shy!)

I hate mages on general principle (hello, warlock?), but I subscribe to three mage blogs because their authors write frequently and well, and are thoughtful, humorous and better at math than I am.

For the moment, I’m not concerned with attracting readers myself.  Blogging is an outlet for my WoW obsession, first, and an exercise in discipline, second.  But it would be foolish not to take what I’ve learned from reading, and apply it to writing. 

My first goal for this blog, then, is to update frequently — at least three times a week, but ideally five. 

I have other goals in mind (I would eventually like to find a focus, and a voice, and establish an identity), but for now: three real posts a week, about whatever comes to mind when I sit down at my computer — provided that it’s WoW related, of course.

Another thing I’ve learned from reading?  Blogging about blogging is boring! >.>  I won’t make it a habit.  Promise.

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