Naxx, Naxx and more Naxx!

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[Tankadin]: OMG.
[Tankadin]: I just realized something.
[Tankadin]: The raid started at 6. I’ve been playing for NINE HOURS.
[Me]: I have got to get a life.
[Tankadin]: Seriously!
[Boyfriend]: I don’t know. I spent most of the day raiding with my girlfriend and best friend. It’s been a great day for me. =D

… and this is why I love him. ❤

I consider myself a fairly casual player, and have often described the guild we lead as “determinedly casual” — but let’s face it.  There’s nothing casual about nine consecutive hours of raiding! 

To be fair, it wasn’t the entire guild.  It was just the 10 of us crazies who decided to celebrate our first full clear of Naxx 25 with our first full clear of Naxx 10. 

For the record, we didn’t quite make it.  By the time we got to Sapphiron, mini-edition, it was 2 AM and we were starting to nod off.  (I think I may actually have slept through a few of the trash pulls leading up to Four Horsemen.  Fortunately, no one expects the Afflock to do much more than spam Seed of Corruption and Drain Soul until boss time anyway.)

The highlight of the night was relearning the Four Horsemen fight with only two healers.  Every other time we’ve done it (all two of them!), we put a healer on each of the tanks up front, and an off-healer — a shadow priest or elemental shaman — on the ranged tanks at the back of the room.  We didn’t have an off-healer available to us last night, so we were forced to be creative.  It took a few wipes and some tweaking, but we finally got it, and the energy and ethusiasm as the fight came together — with every single member of the raid contributing in a material way — was amazing.

After our Death Knight dropped out in sheer exhaustion (sorry, Sean!), the group looked like this:

Tanks[Boyfriend], [Tankadin]
Healers: CoH Priest, Holy Paladin
DPS: Rogue, Rogue, Fury Warrior, [Me], Mage, Hunter

We put my boyfriend — a feral druid — on Thane, along with the CoH priest and all of our DPS.  They concentrated on bursting Thane down within four Marks while our tankadin solo’d Baron Rivendare, using Seal of Light, Flash of Light and finally Lay on Hands to keep himself up without the benefit of a healer.  

When Thane went down at four Marks, my boyfriend traded places with the tankadin, who ran out and healed himself while waiting for his own Marks to fade.  The plan was for them to trade-off every three Marks for as long as it took to down Baron, with the bear blowing all of his cooldowns on his second turn to tank (since he would be without heals while the priest was Marked). 

But then something I couldn’t see happened, and—


Fortunately, our fury warrior was able to tank Baron until the paladin picked him up again, and Baron died before three Marks.

Meanwhile, the Healadin and I “tanked” the riders in the back of the room.  Our job was simply to survive.  For the most part, I was able to keep myself up using Demon Armor, Siphon Life and Drain Life, while the Holy Paladin spammed Flash of Light on himself.  We tried to position ourselves so I was in his range as well, but between trying to outdistance the opposite rider’s Mark and simultaneously avoiding void zones, it was a hit and miss affair.  He managed a couple of really well timed Holy Lights on me, though, and I was positively effervescent in my praise at the end of the run.

All in all, it was a good, exhausting night.  Thanks to our earlier success in Naxx 25, I’m now attuned to the Eye of Eternity, so I foresee Malygos in the very near future!

… but I think I might need a nap, first … /zzz


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