Sartharion with one drake

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After 40 minutes of searching high and low — not to mention in some of the oddest places; did I really think they would be in the microwave?! — I finally found my car keys.  Go me. 

I’m at work now, nursing a mug (technically, an environmentally unfriendly styrofoam cup) of hot chocolate and wondering why I have 91 new e-mails on Christmas Eve.  Shouldn’t these people be out shopping, or something? 

(Not me!  I did all of my Christmas shopping on  And by the way, how awesome is this shirt for a girl gamer whose last name just happens to be “Kiss”?)

I’ve already mentioned that lieu of sleep or frantic cleaning, I joined nine other intrepid guildies last night for our first successful “S1” kill — the server’s shorthand for “Sartharion 10, with one drake”.

So … How did we do it? 

Group comp looked like this:

Main Tank: Feral Druid
Off Tank: Prot Paladin
Healers: CoH Priest, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman
DPS: Survival Hunter, Mage, Ret Paladin, Warlock, Warrior

This is one more healer than we typically run with, but we planned on leaving Vesperon up.  Since he’s the drake who decreases health points by 25%, three AoE healers seemed like a very good idea. 

Besides, no one else was on.  >.>

At first, we tried to follow WoWWiki’s advice and send all of our DPS into Vesperon’s portal to nuke his disciple and dispell his Twilight Torment effect — basically, an aura that reflects a percentage of the damage done to Vesperon to the damager-doer. 

So the bear tanked Sartharion and Vesperon, while the tankadin was on add control and either the fury warrior or ret paladin — whoever made it through the Twilight Portal first — off-tanked Vesperon’s disciple.  The resto shaman followed the raid, while the priest and resto druid stayed with the tanks and helped mop up splash damage in between portal phases.

With the exception of the time (okay, the two times …) I died because the disciple found found me before an off-tank found him, the strategy seemed sound.  Unfortunately, for our level of gear, it was just too slow.  The priest and tree druid were going OOM before Vesperon was down to 20%.  Between his water shield and periodic portal phase reprieves, the shaman was able to last a little longer — but once the priest and druid bottomed out it was only a matter of time before a tank went down and the raid wiped.

After a couple of failed attempts, we decided to ignore the portal phases entirely, instead nuking Vesperon and healing through his Twilight Torment.  The hunter misdirected Vesperon to the druid, and as soon as the druid had aggro, the shaman popped Bloodlust and the DPS blew all of their trinkets and cooldowns to burst Vesperon down.

I don’t think this tactic would have been successful without three AoE healers; even with them, the DPS had to back off of Vesperon anytime our health dipped below 40% and switch to either Sartharion or the fire elementals (which we ignored while Vesperson was up) until the healers could top us off again.  

But because our healers are amazing — and because the druid and fury warrior are so used to tanking togeher (the warrior is main-spec prot) that they were able to pull off a flawless Taunt > Shield Wall > Battle Rezz  > Taunt combination to get a dead DPSer back, we managed to down Sartharion after just two tries using this strategy.


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