Better late than never? A belated introduction post.

December 30, 2008 at 7:33 pm Leave a comment

I’m one of those socially awkward, pathologically shy girl gamers who likens small talk to void zones: useless, swirling holes of black energy; mini-vortices of The Bad® that exist for no other reason than to be avoided — if not at all costs, then certainly at most of them.

Most, because if (1) I can heal through it and (2) the reward is appropriately epic, then I might hazard a “Lovely sub-zero weather we’re having here in Storm Peaks” or “Don’t look now, but I think the octopus on the end of your Terestrian’s Stranglestaff is happy to see me.” 

Either that, or rigor mortis finally set in.  Creepy.  (I sense a new blogpost coming on:  “You know it’s time to DE your Karazhan epics when…”)

… I think I might have taken this analogy (analogies? bizarre stream of consciousness?) a little too far …

Anyway. The point is that I detest small talk, which is why I neglected to make the obligatory introduction post when I started this blog. 

I’ve been remiss.

So.  Who am I?

In an effort to be un-remiss — not to mention avoid turning this into some kind of boring “about me” monologue — I resort to my old friend: the bullet point.

I am:

  • an Undead Warlock, and occasionally a Tauren Shaman;
  • currently specced deep Affliction and the kind of haphazard I’m-still-leveling-my-alt-to-80-so-I’ll-put-points-wherever-they-land-Enhancement that makes real Enhancement shamans cry;
  • a self-professed Carebear, even though I play on a PvP server;
  • a roleplayer at heart;
  • a geek;
  • a guild leader and, on rare occasions, a raid leader — although I much prefer to leave the latter to my boyfriend (yes, we met on WoW; no, it is not an e-Relationship);
  • not nearly as obsessed with green fire as some of my posts would lead you to believe (still, I don’t see why we can’t have a purely cosmetic minor Glyph of Green Fire when mages get a purely cosmetic minor Glyph of Polymorph: Penguin);
  • generally disdainful of mages, in part because I’m a warlock and it’s in my nature, and in part because I’ve never met one who didn’t scream bloody murder everytime she took damage — including from a level 1 critter aggro’d by a frost nova /cough; and
  • as of last night, a Champion of the Frozen Wastes!

But more on that later.  For now, work beckons. 

(Speaking of void zones …)


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