Happy New Year (from HoL)!

January 1, 2009 at 5:56 pm Leave a comment

I rang in the New Year in a regular Halls of Lightning PuG.  I was healing on my mini-Shaman, now level 78 and still specced Enhancement for fast leveling.  I didn’t bother to respec or re-glyph for the run; I just threw on my old resto gear from ZA and chain healed away.  With the exception of Loken, who took a couple of tries — the tank had never seen the instance before, and had some problems mastering the movement of the fight — it was a breeze.

The Warrior tank was tagged with one of those infamous trade channel zerg guilds that the entire server likes to make fun of, for its admittedly stupid name (redacted to protect the guilty) and slight disconnect between its members’ raiding pretensions and actual progression (by the end of TBC, there were three groups clearing Kara — barely).  Still, I had an open mind: my little brother is in the same guild, and I know from listening in on Vent that his guildmates tend to be friendly and fun-loving, if occasionally immature … in other words, kids.

In spite of the wipes on Loken and my discovery that I am “that shaman” (you know, the one who remembers she forgot to buy ankhs when she dies 90% into the boss fight?), it was a really good time.  Surprisingly, refreshingly, I’m-so-glad-I-accepted-that-ninja-invite good.  Everyone in the PuG was decent at their class, tolerant of mistakes, and generally just fun to be around. 

It turned out that four of us were in Mountain Standard Time, so we wished each other a Happy New Year at  midnight.  At the end of the run, amidst the usual “great group!” ‘s and “thanks for the invite!” ‘s, the Death Knight actually said we made his New Year’s eve.

Much to my surprise, I found myself agreeing.

EDIT:  One resolution for the New Year?  Don’t autorun (autofly?) and alt-tab to blog!  Fatigue = rezz sickness = bad!


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