Hearthstone Malfunction!

January 8, 2009 at 7:08 pm Leave a comment

Before Fel Fire, I started another short-lived blog that no one really knows about.  I was just experimenting, really, and after reading back through the few scattered posts I made, I don’t see anything worth saving from deletion.

Except this!  This one, I want to preserve — if only because I think the screen shots are fun and unique.  My little ‘lock, pre-T6, /cowering in the middle of nowhere because a glitched Hearthstone sent her there … 

*  *  *

hearthstoneMy Hearthstone is one of those things (like orange fire and perennial warlock nerfs) that I’ve always more or less taken for granted. It’s not much to look at, after all: just a little white pebble with inscrutable blue markings — easily the least impressive of the many trinkets in my backpack. Compared to a shrunken head, a sextant and this gaudy little piece I picked up in Black Temple one night but have never bothered to use, my Hearthstone is downright boring.

Sure, it’s nice to have. Certainly convenient, in that it can teleport me — once every 60 minutes — to the Scryer’s Inn in Shattrath City … which, come to think of it, doesn’t actually have a fireplace, let alone a hearth.  (Home is where the hearth is, right?)

I suppose in that regard, it’s like a portable pet mage that doesn’t talk.

Hearthstone > Mage, check.

But, I digress. My point was that I had never given much thought to how my Hearthstone actually worked. Chalk it off to intellectual incuriousity (purple pigtails notwithstanding, I am not a gnome), but the fact that it did work was enough for me.

Until it didn’t.

I was attempting to hearth from the Scarlet Monastary to Shattrath City the other night when I heard a large *CRRRRACK*. (I blame the Worg Pup. He’s been teething lately, and chewing on everything he can get his little black paws on.)

My Hearthstone shattered into a hundred tiny, rocky pieces …

… and I ended up suspended in the middle of some starry nowhere, which my innate sense of direction (and the world map) informed me was over the ocean west of Desolace.  Just south of the turtle.

I’m not going to lie: I was a little scared.

Fortunately, I had been out and about with guildmembers — saving my old hometown of Brill from the Headless Horseman and getting ridiculously sick on tricky treats in the process — who quickly realized that I was no longer with them.  After having a nice long laugh at my expense (sigh), they arranged for another warlock to summon me back to Shattrath, where I promptly traded my old, broken Hearthstone in for a shiny new one.

Still, I think I’ll be flying for a while.  After I check my Reins of the Violet Netherdrake for toothmarks, that is.


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