I call the green drake!

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I healed a Heroic Occulus run last night for my guild’s paladin tank, since it was the last instance he needed for his Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.  I didn’t volunteer when he asked for a healer in /gchat, because I didn’t think my healing would be up to it; but when he whispered me directly, and expressed more confidence in my abilities than I had, I couldn’t say no.

I wasn’t looking forward to the run, to be honest.  I had just healed 10-man Malygos with a Holy Priest and a Resto Druid — and what a depressing experience that was!  I didn’t expect to be able to keep up with them, since they’re mains and core raiders, and I’m a lowly alt who only comes in for a couple of specific fights and always passes on gear.  I have yet to replace the last of my dungeon blues!  But Malygos was especially bad: between being woefully undergeared compared to the other healers, and unprepared for the pull (I clicked “no” to the /readycheck for a reason!), and not having a spammable instant-cast AoE heal …

Um, yeah.  I might as well have let them two-heal it and gone on my ‘lock.  At least she can continue to DPS through the vortex.  (Finally!  A use for summoning circles other than salvaging my dignity on the Thaddius jump!  “Who fell?  Not me!  I’m up here …”  *glows greenly*) 

Jef, I am very sorry you’re being nerfed in 3.0.8.  But even if Blizz were to turn the bear multiplier upside down and inside out, so it actually decreased bonus armor … the patch STILL couldn’t come soon enough for me.

Insta-tag DoTs and a six second cooldown to Circle of Healing and Wildgrowth?  Yes, please!

(Don’t worry, bear.  I’ll still love you in feathers.)

Anyway, back to Occulus.

I really didn’t want to be online after that Malygos run, let alone on my shaman, but I have a hard time saying no to people who are nice to me, and the paladin tank is definitely that.  He’s one of those rare players who takes such joy in the game that being in a group with him is always better than being in a group without him. 

His enthusiasm is infectious; I can’t be in a bad mood when he’s around.  It just isn’t possible.

To make things even better, it was a good group: Prot Paladin, Ret Paladin (yay, replenishment!), Death Knight, Rogue — all guild members, all raid geared, and all skilled at their respective classes.  I was by far the weakest link.  But even with my sub-2K +heals, we breezed through the first three bosses and all of their associated trash with no deaths.

… Unless you count that time I fell off my drake.  I don’t. >.>

I was completely blown away by how little healing the paladin needed compared to … every other tank I have ever run with!  My Earth Shield literally solo-healed him through two of the three-construct pulls; even with my hands completely off the keyboard, his health never dipped below 90%.

The run went so smoothly that we decided to challenge ourselves on the last boss by killing him with five emerald drakes, knocking out the Ruby Void and Amber Void achievements in one “swell foop” (as my friend Christine would say).  The trick is simply to kite Ley-Guardian Eregos in wide circles, keeping the damage debuff and a three-stack of poison spit on him at all times.  Stay ahead of the whelps, fly out when he phase-shifts and heal each other occasionally.  

It takes a while to kill him this way, but it’s remarkably easy once you get the hang of it.  I’m the most spatially challenged person in my guild, and I managed it with no problems.  Then again, I also 2v2 with a resto druid — or did at level 70 — so I’m comfortable with the DoT-kite, drain and outlast concept.  That’s really all this is.

I think we’re going to try for Emerald Void tonight if we have time before our Naxx 10 run.  Now that I’ve sufficiently recovered from my Malygos-inspired bout of CoH-envy, I’m looking forward to it, even though it means I’ll have effectively split the hardest heroic achievements between my two characters.  I’ll never get a red proto-drake at this rate … but I’m enjoying the challenge for its own sake (and am rather fond of my Netherwing drake, Princess, anyway).

Highlight of the night?  /dancing in ghost wolf form with four totems, an Iron Dwarf, a naked zombie and a paladin in a Green Lumberjack Shirt (and only a Green Lumberjack Shirt) on a floating rock above Nexus while we waited for our tank to log back in after a lengthly disconnect.

Completely random fact: if you have the Headless Horseman’s mount, you can mount on dragonback, so you’re riding the horse and the horse is riding the drake.  I wish I’d thought to get a screen shot of that!


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/yawn WTB a new name for a long-abandoned hunter …

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