Potential Warlock changes for 3.1

February 5, 2009 at 1:07 pm Leave a comment

succubus1“Potential,” because this is both (1) incredibly vague, especially on the final two bullet points, and (2) subject to change. 

  • Improved Shadow Bolt – this talent now provides a 5% spell critical strike buff (similar to Improved Scorch).  
  • Improved Soul Leech – this talent now provides Replenishment (similar to shadow priests).
  • Drain Soul now has a chance to produce Soul Shards even if the target doesn’t die.
  • Siphon Life no longer is an active ability but the talent grants the old Siphon Life effect to Corruption.
  • Curse of Recklessness and Curse of Weakness have been combined into one spell.
  • Consume Shadows – this Voidwalker ability is no longer channeled but has a cooldown.
  • Several other warlock talents have had their ranks reduced, their effects changed or removed.  This list includes but is not limited to Demonic Empathy, Shadow Embrace, Eradication, Suppression, and Pandemic.
  • Additional new talents have been added.

Personally, the last two are my favorites.  They seem to suggest that warlocks will be getting a much-needed (and long-promised) overhaul for 3.1.  At this point, any attention is better than no attention at all.

I’ll respond more fully later.  I’m stuck at work on what is supposed to be a vacation day, so I suppose I’d better get to it so I can leave.  Boyfriend and I have tickets to the Lion King tonight!


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