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As my boyfriend has lamented on more than one occasion — usually in those TMI moments I don’t blog about >.> — I’m “too Asian” to blush.  I’m half-Irish and half-Vietnamese (apparently; I was adopted, so I never met my biological father).  But I do have that lightly olive skin tone that absolutely refuses to show color.  If I’m flustered or embarrassed, I’ll say “slash-blush” (yes, I’m a geek!), but I can’t actually do it. 

… where was I going with this? 

Oh, yes.  Matticus says the sweetest things.  Believe me: if I could blush, I totally would.

Between his link-love and a brief cameo elsewhere on the net (Is /faint an emote?  If not, it should be!), I was positively giddy all weekend … and not just because I finally got that last heart-shaped candy for a title I’ll never actually wear, or because a certain bear druid took me out for an amazingly romantic (and ridiculously overpriced) dinner at my most favoritest restaurant ever.  (Bananas foster chocolate fondue, flambeed table-side? OMG, yes!)

Suffice it to say, it was a very good weekend — for me, and my fledgling blog. ❤



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