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We named our 3v3 team …

Two Healers and a Tank.

Because that’s exactly what we are:  Disc priest.  Resto shaman.  Feral druid.

… Keaton may have to keybind Teleport: Moonglade for this!  😉

10 things I learned in my first night of 3v3 arena:

  1. You can’t switch between dual-specs during preparation, so make sure you’re specced correctly before zoning in.
  2. Hint: under most circumstances, 0/0/0 doesn’t constitute “specced correctly.”
  3. Hunter pets and a Death Knight’s ghoul do very little damage to a decently geared resto shaman with pushback resistance.  They do, however, proc Water Shield.  If these pets are on your resto shaman, they’re essentially crowd controlled.
  4. If you’re a stealth class (such as a <cough> feral druid), be sure to bank your Haunted Memento before joining the arena queue.
  5. Whichever way you’re facing on the elevator in the Ring of Valor is probably the wrong way.  Turn around!  (Or use the map.  If you want to be clever about it.  But where’s the fun in that?  /scoff)
  6. The dumber the opposing team’s name, the more likely you are to lose.  (MycouchpullzoutbutIdont? How is that even a name?)
  7. The cockier the opposing team’s name, the more likely they are to lose.  (Tip: If your team name contains the word “pwn” in any context other than cheerfully self-deprecating, try not to lose to two healers and a tank.)
  8. The spell hit cap for a Tauren elemental shaman against an equal-level opponent is 4%.  Two points in Elemental Precision will grant that.  However, see #2 above.
  9. Thunderstorm.  Is.  Amazing.
  10. Purge can be kind of useful.  If you took it off your action bars sometime between Naxxramas and Ulduar, you might want to dust off the old spellbook and … I don’t know, bookmark it or something.  Otherwise, when your feral druid tells you to “Quck!  Purge that Innervate!”, you won’t be left /flailing.  (On the plus side, you can always remind him of the Haunted Memento incident.  It’s like a Get Out Of Jail Free card.)

Wonder of wonders …

We won 6.

Lost 14.

But won 6!


June 16, 2009 at 11:12 am 5 comments


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