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Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight …

I wish …Nala

  • That I could prevent Chain Heal from jumping to anyone on my in-game ignore list.  I can’t be the only shaman who has healed an entire Heroic Old Kingdom PuG using only Riptide and Lesser Healing Wave (to ensure that the supremely annoying ret paladin from <Ye Ol’ Ninja Guild> died on every other pull).
  • That my female feral druid could look forward to one day becoming a mini Nala rather than a mini Scar.  (Although the fan art I found via Google Images is pretty awesome!)
  • That I knew one — one! /shakesfist — emotionally stable Holy paladin.
  • That my enhancement gear matched.  WTB T7.5 chest, PST.
  • That our hunters (who stumble into roaming patrols at least once per raid) would learn to feign death to drop aggro before I heal them, rather than after.
  • That fire was green.
  • That Megan would come back to blogging.  Those mages are getting mighty uppity in her absence …
  • That just once, Hodir would drop something other than Phaelia’s Vestaments.  Don’t get me wrong — I loved Resto4Life, too!  But as of last night, I have four sets of leather robes that no one wants collecting dust in my guild bank.
  • That Keaton could craft my Blue Belt of Chaos.  I hate having some random leatherworker’s name on my BiS crafted gear, especially when it’s something stupid like … I don’t know … Tankwifmahface.
  • That Larisa‘s new domain wasn’t blocked at work.
  • That I was certain I would have work after August 28th.
  • That I knew what the hell Heartgrinder was talking about with that whole “mind controlling aquatic mammals for max DPS” speech.  He keeps rambling on about commanding seals, or some similar nonsense…  Ha!  He’s just jealous that I figured out how to use Crusader Aura to make my attacks faster — all by myself. I told him I didn’t need his sage paladin “advice.”  /scoff

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