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You can blame Tigerfeet for this!

Go ahead.  I do!

… But be careful!  Ms. Feet seems slightly more feral than usual, today.  Do you hear that maniacal laughter?  No, it isn’t coming from Megan or even sweet little Hydra.  No, sir, it’s coming from over there.

I can’t guarantee she won’t bite.  

/em tosses a Fish Feast on the ground and edges away, murmuring “nice kitty, kitty, kitty” beneath her undying breath


Presenting: Haiku … World of Warcraft style!  The idea originated yesterday with Fimlys of Alseep at the WoW, and is spreading like wildfire (not to be confused with fel fire — which is, after all, green) through the Blogosphere. 


Torn from the Nether
An instrument of my will
The Dark Pact is made


Stalwart, strength of earth
Fury, steel and wind imbued
The Earthmother howls

And finally, my secret side project …


Abandoned by death
Puppet to an ebon hand
Never a hero

*   *  *

Now that the (bad) poetry is out of the way … how about an analogy? 

It occurred to me as I was writing this that memes are the achievements of the Blogosphere.  Some of us post them in lieu of “real” content (and to be fair, there’s not a lot to write about now that most guilds are done with Tier 7 and pre-patch ennui has set it), and some of us participate because we’re completionists or because we view challenging memes such as this one as akin to “hard modes.” 

I just hope this isn’t part of some kind of meta achievement. 



Participate in the following memes—

– Sixth of Six
– Honest Scrap Award
– What’s in a Name?
– WoW-ku

—and win … what, exactly? 

Personally, I’m hoping for a mount.  I already have a bear to ride.  (<3 Keaton.)  Maybe some kind of moth or firefly?

I could name it Serenity!  Or Colbert.  Everything is named Colbert.

*   *   *


I’m keeping it in-class this time, because I’m dying to see what my fellow ‘locks can do:

I foresee much mocking-of-mages in our future.

Poetic mocking!, but mocking nonetheless …


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