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Fire Mage for a Day

… Or for three bosses in Heroic Naxx, if you want to be technical about it. ūüėČ

I may be Affliction at heart, but I’ll admit: my curiousity was piqued by the new Glyph of Conflagerate, which¬†prevents Conflagerate from consuming Immolate and therefore changes the entire Destructrion rotation.¬† My main problem with Fire Destro has always been timing Conflagerate so it only clips Immolate’s¬†last¬†tick; I can’t hit them all consistently, and frequently end up losing DPS by clipping Immolate or missing Conflagerate altogether.¬† Since this¬†is a non-issue with¬†glyphed Conflagerate, I thought¬†‚ÄĒ¬†why not try¬†2/13/56 on for¬†size?¬†¬†

Um, yeah.¬† The next time I decide to respec less than an hour before¬†a¬†25-man¬†raid, with only a few minutes to spend toasting Target Dummies before I have to start thinking about invites … kick me in the shins.¬† Or at least remind me of my sub-tank DPS on Loatheb.

(It’s not really fair for the class that brought you Seed of Corruption to complain about Cat Swipe being totally OP … but out-DPS’d by a bear druid for most of the Plague wing?¬†¬†/cry)

The problem wasn’t with the spec itself, or even with my gear (I think;¬†20% crit¬†before¬†talents¬†seems a little low).¬† No, it was the fact that Destruction’s rotation is even clunkier than Affliction’s,¬†and (due to my own poor planning)¬†I had very little time to experiment with it before the raid.¬† Granted, it’s only three DoTs instead of six.¬† But it’s also two cooldowns (Chaos Bolt and Conflagerate) vs. one (Haunt) and¬†three procs (Molten Core, Backdraft and Backlash) vs. one (Nightfall) ‚ÄĒ so instead of watching six things on one DoTimer, I’m watching¬†eight things on three separate bars.¬†

That’s … a lot of things.¬† /boggle

And I didn’t have nearly enough practice at it to be effective, which is why I caught a port to Undercity while Loatheb loot was being handed out and specced back into Affliction.¬† I’d like to give Fire Destro another try‚ÄĒ I know I can do better! ‚ÄĒ but I’ll be smarter about it next time and test drive my new spec in a heroic or 10-man before plunging headfirst into Heroic Naxx.

Anyway, with a four-piece T7 bonus, my initial rotation looked like this:

Lifetap > Curse of Agony > Immolate > Corruption > Conflagerate > Incinerate/Drain Soul (at >25%/<25%, respectively)

I opened with Lifetap to proc my four-piece bonus, which is +300¬†spirit for 10 seconds.¬† It’s a little awkward to tap at full health, but I’m making a concentrated effort to weave Lifetap into my rotation, in part to activate the bonus at beneficial times, and in part to avoid causing¬†undue¬†stress for¬†the raid’s¬†healers (especially now that we’re clearing Naxx with four).

Curse of Agony¬†was next, to proc Molten Core as soon as possible, followed by an¬†Immolate.¬†¬† Some Destrolocks recommend dropping Corruption from the rotation, but I cast it in the one second dead zone immediately following Immolate (I’m not sure if this is a bug or “working as intended,” but you can’t currently¬†cast Conflagerate until Immolate ticks once, so an¬†instant-cast Corruption is convenient here).¬† I hit Conflagerate as soon as Immolate ticked, and then spammed Incinerate or Drain Soul as my fillers.

The variables are Chaos Bolt and Soulfire.¬† As soon as Molten Core procced (off of Curse of Agony or Corruption ticks), I cast my first Chaos Bolt, and then hit it on every cooldown thereafter.¬† I experimented a bit with casting Soulfire¬† in place of Incinerate¬†when Backdraft¬†was active, but I was burning through shards so I’m not sure how feasible¬†that would be in the long-run.¬†

Once I’ve perfected the rotation, I’ll take a look at the numbers and maybe even do some *gulp* warlock maths to tweak it.¬† In the meantime, this is all qualitative analysis and speculation; there is nothing remotely quantitative about it, so take everything I’ve written with a grain of Deeprock Salt.

Note: I borrowed the subject line for this post from Lar√≠sa, who once speculated about temporary class changes after a visitor stumbled upon her blog after Googling “fire mage for a day.”¬† My educated¬†guess?¬† A disillusioned Afflock¬†contemplating dustruction!¬† ‚̧


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