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Of Dual Minds on Dual Specs

I’m a warlock.

And a resto shaman.

So, naturally, I’m of dual minds on dual specs.

On one hand (the one that is half-rotted, with bones where my fingernails should be), I agree that pure classes should have an advantage when it comes fulfilling their one and only raid role.  It’s bad enough that the elemental shaman, fury warrior and critchicken (/steals shamelessly from Amber) can trounce me on DPS — blindfolded, unarmed and (in the chicken’s case) with one wing tied behind his back.  But watching them do all of that … and then switch roles mid-raid to melee, tank or heal?  No fair. 

On the other hand (the one that is slightly furry and capable of healing with with lazers) … soloing as resto is a serious pain in my Tauren tail! 

Serious.  Pain.

Capital S.  Capital P.

Case in point: I was hunting revenants for my Sons of Hodir daily the other day, and lumbering from mob to mob in an attempt to get in Flameshock range (intellectually, I know Tauren don’t move any slower than any other race in the game; it just seems like it, because we’re so massive and the world is so small…), when a warrior decided to mock my efforts by charging each mob I targetted and tagging it before I could. 

This wasn’t a friendly competition for resources.  This was him going deliberately out of his way to target the same revenants I did, even when there were two or three others closer to him than mine.

What’s a poor cow girl to do?  I don’t have points in Improved Ghost Wolf, so I can’t get to mobs quickly without pausing to mount or shift forms.  I have lengthy cast times on Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt, and my instant cast shocks require me to be within 20 yards of my target.  I could be wrong, having never leveled a warrior past 2, but I’m pretty sure Intercept has a 25 yard-range.

To top it all off, I can’t even (attempt to) kill the warrior, because he’s Undead.  WTB same-faction PvP, PST.

Oh, I know he could have griefed me just as effectively if I had been elemental.  But I wouldn’t have been nearly as frustrated about it, because having to spend a little extra time collecting mobs wouldn’t been that big of a deal if it weren’t already taking me fifteen years to kill them. 


I’m ranting, a little, but the point remains: I know exactly why hybrids are so excited about dual specs, but — as someone who still considers herself a warlock, no matter which character she brings to raids — I also understand why some “pure” classes feel threatened by them.

I don’t think dual specs will be the death knell of pure classes, as some naysayers are claiming  … but I have to admit, they were the proverbial last straw for me.  I was already contemplating a re-role (not to be confused with a reroll), but it was the ability to fulfill two raid roles with one character that finally made up my mind.  Since I’m the one in my guild who struggles three times a week to build a raid roster that caters to our core but still accomodates our various and sundry casuals (sigh), anything I can do to simplify the process — include have a versatile character, myself — I will do.  Even if it means shelving my beloved ‘lock come raid time.


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