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Tagged! What’s in a name?

ElleirasFulguralis is curious about what’s in a name?  (And I was tagged on the ground floor of a new meme!  How cool is that?)

Confession?  Elleiras isn’t actually my main’s name — or, rather, my main alt’s name (since my warlock has been retired from active duty, confusing the living Hellfire out of anyone who stumbles across a shaman’s blog after Googling ‘locky things like Affliction Spec, DoT Rotation or 101 Ways to Make a Gnome Mage Cry.)

No, Elleiras is a level 58 Blood Elf Death Knight who has been permanently parked in the Thrallmar inn.  She exists solely so I could experience the Death Knight starting chain on Live and claim the name I blog under on my home server.  (I guess that would be dually, not solely, but … I’m still crying over Amber’s Tribute For Great Justice.  ;.;  Lemme alone.)

Elleiras is also my warlock’s name, spelled backwards, which is in turn a corruption (get it?) of Sarelle — the name of a minor character in a book I happened to be reading at the time I created her.  I’ll admit, I didn’t put much that thought into it.  I was very hastily rerolling ‘lock, because after all of two quests as an Undead mage, I knew I hated the class.  Besides, I was fiercely jealous of my sister’s imp.  (“You get a pet?  That shoots fireballs?  Your pet is cooler than my character?  No fair!”)

My short-lived mage was Ihlana, a name I made up more or less out of thin air for a character — an ice mage, actually, whose fraternal twin was a fire mage named Caethor — in a text-based, freeform roleplaying game I played once upon a time (i.e., high school).  (Does anyone else remember RhyDin on AOL, back when AOL was still cool and only hardcore geeks used IRC?) 

(How’s that for parenthetical asides, by the way?)

Ihlana has long-since been deleted, but her name lives on in the form of my level 51 feral druid. 

SarielleMy shaman’s name, Liluye, is (supposedly) a Miwok name meaning “singing chicken hawk that soars.”  I tend to scour the Internet for Native American names for my many Tauren alts, since that seems to be the trend in-game.  Case in point: there’s an NPC in Thunderbluff whose name, Kuruk, is Pawnee for “bear.”

My level 70 hunter, Fahalle, was actually named by Asara.  I have no idea how to pronounce it (I tend to refer to her as “Falafel” >.>), but I love the shape of the letters together.  It’s a very pretty name for a very tough Orc.

That encompasses all of my significant characters, I think.  I have a baby shadow priest named Malice (which I couldn’t believe wasn’t taken!),  a tiny hunter named Villanie (if the mohawk fits…), and a bank alt named Mychelle (my name is Michelle; hi! *wave*), but none of them see significant playtime these days and I tend to forget they exist until the server crashes and I’m forced to stare longingly at the character selection screen …

So, that’s it for me!  I’m supposed to tag three more bloggers, but I prefer to leave these things open-ended for anyone who wants to participate.  It’s a cop-out, I know, but it’s one designed to spread the warm-and-fuzzies — so I hope you’ll forgive me. 😉


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I usually don’t participate in memes, but this one brought a smile to my face.  (And since I’m Undead, that’s a rather painful experience in and of itself.  I almost have to do it now, if only to appease that dull ache in the empty space where my jaw used to be.)

The sixth screen shot in my sixth folder iiiiiiiis …


… Concrete and Tyroge!

The boys decided to bounce the Orgrimmar auction house one lazy Saturday afternoon.  Maybe it was one of those “had to be there” moments, but I found the entire thing hilarious — especially when completely random people decided to play along.  (And this on a PvP server that tends to regard roleplayers as somewhere above cave mold and below a Disgusting Oozling on the evolutionary tree …)

Take that little Orc, for example.  We assumed from his uniform that he was just another banker, but he insinuated himself between Concrete (who was between tanking jobs at the time, the poor cow) and Tyroge, and took his self-appointed role as pest control very seriously.


He eventually wandered off to do his own thing, and business got a little hectic. As you can see, at one point, the boys even had a line.


There were also the usual “undesirables” to be dealt with, including this rather fierce-looking Druid.


Ironically, he later joined my guild — and was /gkicked after he decided our Code of Conduct was too “restrictive,” and rebelled against by posting an impassioned defense of the use of the word “rape” (in a gaming context; i.e., “the Alliance absolutely raped us in Arathi Basin”) on our guild forum.  I know this doesn’t bother most people, but we repeatedly asked him not to use it, as there was a woman in our guild at the time who had issues with PTSD related to a sexual assault.  Apparently, his mistook the request for compassion as an attempt at censorship …

But that’s a subject for another post.  For now, suffice it to say I did a mental double-take when I dug this screenshot out of the black depths of my harddrive and realized that I knew this druid.

On a lighter note—


—there’s one in every capital city.  And several in Darnassus.


* * *

In keeping with the spirit of six, I’m supposed to tag six bloggers to share the sixth screen shot in the sixth folder in their Images file.  But I’m the new kid on the block, so I’m not really comfortable with that yet.  I’m still kind of amazed that people are actually reading this drivel; I don’t want to scare them away by giving them {gasp} homework!

But if you haven’t done this one yet, and want to, by all means … consider yourself tagged.


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Nerf work.

/tar desk
/cast Bang Head(Rank 1)

It’s been one of those days — which is why I’m blogging, not working.  (Two posts in one afternoon?  Madness!)

It’s also why this post by the Pugnacious Priest was so incredibly timely.  My favorite part about her proposed “Boss” encounter is the loot table. 

WTB [Additional Paid Leave], PST.

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My raid is naked!


Have you ever gotten that weird bug where everyone in the raid appears naked?  Except — in this case — for the Undead rogue who zoned in after I did, thereby sparing me the sight of his rotting limbs, au natural.

It freaks me out every. single. time.  Especially playing Horde. 

Naked undead orcs are creepy.

February 16, 2009 at 11:42 pm 3 comments

Life after tanking …

My boyfriend — Keaton, a Feral Druid — has been a bit depressed lately by the state of his class. While some bears reported minimal armor losses or even gains post 3.0.8, he has struggled with the loss of almost 4K armor.

Although he’s still capable of main tanking raid content, he often passes MT duties to his shield-bearing counterparts, in part because our Paladin tank is easier to heal (it’s true; my Earth Shield has solo-healed our Pally through the same trash pulls in Heroic Occulus that drain a good third of my mana when Keaton is tanking), and in part because our Warrior does a full 1K less DPS in Prot gear than Keaton does in bear gear. The combination of inferior mitigation and superior DPS are slowly but surely driving him back into the OT/DPS role he fulfilled in our bygone Kara days — and after main-tanking everything in The Burning Crusade, up to and including Illidan (albeit post-nerf), I imagine that’s just a little hard to swallow.

… I’ll be honest. My first impulse was to /violin. He may have lost a fair amount of armor, but he can still tank, heal and DPS — as feral. Seriously. I’ve seen him top the healing meters, bear-specced, on Archimonde. I’ve also seen him top the damage meters, bear-specced, on Kel’thuzad.

Hybrid Envy? Hell, yes.

Besides, Warlocks — not Druids — are the Ret Paladins of Northrend. So QQ moar, fuzzball.

Of course, once I got the snark safely out of my system, I decided to be a supportive girlfriend (for once) and cheer him up!

So Druids can’t tank? So what? There are plenty of other things an enterprising bear can do with his time …

Start your own business.

Bear mounts are all the rage these days. It seems that everyone and their mother has an armored brown bear; even Warlocks and Paladins are trading in their once iconic Dreadsteeds and Chargers. Why not capitalize on the fad and offer guided bear-back tours through Northrend?

Put down some roots.

Perhaps this is the Earthmother’s way of telling you it’s time to hang up your tanking shoes and put down some more permanent roots. Adventuring was fun while it lasted, but there comes a time in every bear’s life when his armor starts to fade, his claws become dull and his growl grows ever more hoarse. Don’t fight it; embrace it! Now is the perfect time to put that Nurturing Instinct to use, sow some Living Seeds and Nourish the next generation.

Big Red … Bear?

We know that druids aren’t actually tameable … but does she? Play ignorant and let that newbie Hunter tame you for a day or two, if only to show her the ropes. Take her for a romp through the Wailing Caverns. Teach her the fine arts of chain trapping and aggro control. But whatever you do, don’t let her /roll on that spell power staff!

Assemble an army (of critters).

Not only is it an achievement, but it’s the decidedly druidic thing to do. Armed with a backpack full of Critter Bites, teleport to Moonglade (bonus points if you do it in the middle of an arena match!) to tame a veritable army. 25-critter raid on Mr. Bigglesworth, anyone?

Do some volunteer work.

How many innocent animals did you slay on the long road from Mulgore to Icecrown? If those one-eyed raptors in the Arathi Highlands are any indication, then you have some serious atoning to do. Lay down your skinning knife and join Druids for the Humane and Ethical Treatment of Animals. Save the mammoth; save the world.

Go back to basics.

Shed (or even shard) those epics and take a nice, naked frolic across the rolling plains of Mulgore. There’s no place in all the worlds quite like it. And while you may not be able to recapture your youth, you can certainly give those plainstriders something to remember.

wswild017_1024x768Take up a new hobby.

Arm yourself with your Mastercraft Kalua’ak Pole and a case of Dark Iron Ale, and journey into the wilderness of Grizzly Hills to try your paw at fishing. Just don’t forget to train before you show that Fangtooth Herring who’s boss!

If all else fails, I’ve heard that there’s a turkey shortage in Howling Fjord …

P.S. Many thanks to Keaton for letting me (ab)use his druid for this post! And yes, dear, I did remember to put his clothes back on before hearthing to Dalaran.

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Hearthstone Malfunction!

Before Fel Fire, I started another short-lived blog that no one really knows about.  I was just experimenting, really, and after reading back through the few scattered posts I made, I don’t see anything worth saving from deletion.

Except this!  This one, I want to preserve — if only because I think the screen shots are fun and unique.  My little ‘lock, pre-T6, /cowering in the middle of nowhere because a glitched Hearthstone sent her there … 

*  *  *

hearthstoneMy Hearthstone is one of those things (like orange fire and perennial warlock nerfs) that I’ve always more or less taken for granted. It’s not much to look at, after all: just a little white pebble with inscrutable blue markings — easily the least impressive of the many trinkets in my backpack. Compared to a shrunken head, a sextant and this gaudy little piece I picked up in Black Temple one night but have never bothered to use, my Hearthstone is downright boring.

Sure, it’s nice to have. Certainly convenient, in that it can teleport me — once every 60 minutes — to the Scryer’s Inn in Shattrath City … which, come to think of it, doesn’t actually have a fireplace, let alone a hearth.  (Home is where the hearth is, right?)

I suppose in that regard, it’s like a portable pet mage that doesn’t talk.

Hearthstone > Mage, check.

But, I digress. My point was that I had never given much thought to how my Hearthstone actually worked. Chalk it off to intellectual incuriousity (purple pigtails notwithstanding, I am not a gnome), but the fact that it did work was enough for me.

Until it didn’t.

I was attempting to hearth from the Scarlet Monastary to Shattrath City the other night when I heard a large *CRRRRACK*. (I blame the Worg Pup. He’s been teething lately, and chewing on everything he can get his little black paws on.)

My Hearthstone shattered into a hundred tiny, rocky pieces …

… and I ended up suspended in the middle of some starry nowhere, which my innate sense of direction (and the world map) informed me was over the ocean west of Desolace.  Just south of the turtle.

I’m not going to lie: I was a little scared.

Fortunately, I had been out and about with guildmembers — saving my old hometown of Brill from the Headless Horseman and getting ridiculously sick on tricky treats in the process — who quickly realized that I was no longer with them.  After having a nice long laugh at my expense (sigh), they arranged for another warlock to summon me back to Shattrath, where I promptly traded my old, broken Hearthstone in for a shiny new one.

Still, I think I’ll be flying for a while.  After I check my Reins of the Violet Netherdrake for toothmarks, that is.

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