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Gender + WoW = Nonissue

Larísa made an excellent “Why aren’t we over this yet?” post today in response to the perennial debate about women in WoW.  I’m not really interested in chiming in (those six little words sum up my feelings on the matter exactly!), but I was somewhat startled to realize that I’m the only female raider in my guild.  

You’d think that someone who actively blogs about her guild, and spends significant amounts of time observing and analzying its social and political currents, would be more aware of this. 

But, no, it came as a complete surprise … which just goes to show how much of a non-issue it truly is!

Taking a few minutes to look at our roster — and forcing myself to think of our players as male and female, rather than as individuals (which is surprisingly hard) — we have:

  • Me, core-raider and guild leader;
  • a Marksmen Hunter (and certified altoholic) who raids exactly once a week, because she lives in Australia and can only make our Saturday raid;
  • a still-leveling Mage, who joined to play with her boyfriend — a raiding Rogue — and stayed with us after they broke up (he /gquit because she wouldn’t);
  • my Mom, still-guilded on her Warlock (even though she now leads a social guild from her new Death Knight main); 
  • another Hunter, the fiance of one of our long-term non-raiders (who himself was “grandfathered in,” as a member of one of the several smaller guilds we absorbed as we grew);
  • our Paladin tank’s sister, who is guilded on a level 20-something so she can keep an eye on her her son (our youngest member at 12, who joined as Friends & Family for no other reason than to share a guild tag with his Uncle); and
  • our Holy Priest and healing lead, who is actually male, although half of the guild still refers to him as “her” because his character’s name is Annah and he doesn’t talk on Vent.

And … that’s it. 

I guess someone could look at this list, realize that most of our relatively few female guildmembers joined through a real life association with another (usually male) player, and make some kind of inference about women in a supporting role vs. men in an active role and present that as evidence of an in-game glass ceiling.

But that would be silly.

Besides, we actually had a fairly balanced mix in The Burning Crusade.  Unfortunately, real life crit us at about the same time the expansion came out and we ended up opening recruitment for WotLK raiding.  All of our new applicants were male, so the balance shifted. 

And I didn’t even notice.



February 16, 2009 at 6:22 pm 9 comments


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