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WTB a new name for a long-abandoned hunter …

… who is about to become a huntress, via Blizzard’s new customer recharacterization service!

The plan is to finally finish leveling her from 66 to 80, in part so I’ll have a character to play with my boyfriend while he levels his paladin alt, and in part to farm Northrend herbs and — hopefully — tame a Shoveltusk. (I don’t know if Shoveltusks are tameable. If not, don’t tell me. I need some incentive to muddle through Outlands for the fourth time…)

Confession: ever since my guild’s lone MM hunter named her cat (the black-striped, red-eyed kitten from Zul’Drak) “BasementCat,” I’ve wanted to tame the elusive Spirit Beast for no other reason than to name it “CeilingCat.”


So. I need an appropriately Orcish name (I’m a roleplayer at heart, so “Ikiteyou” doesn’t cut it) for a female hunter. A guild member suggested “Mareg,” but a quick Armory search shows it taken by a level 21 Draenei warrior.

(Why, yes, this is a warlock blog. Why do you ask? >.>)


January 14, 2009 at 11:47 am 5 comments


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