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Public Service Announcement, or “Why I can’t make your glyph yet!”

Only a handful of the new glyphs are trainer-taught.  The rest are learned from world-drop tomes that teach a random glyph (much like Northrend Inscription Research).

I’ll edit this post when I get home to show which glyphs are trainer taught (Lava and Felhunter stand out, for obvious reasons); the rest must be discovered via research or tomes.

In the meantime: this is why your friendly neighborhood Scribe most likely does not have the exciting new glyphs you read about on MMO Champion.  Sorry.  ;.;  I wish I had them, too! 

… I also wish I had more patience.  I was ready to scream the three-hundredth time someone spammed Trade looking for a tome-dropped glyph that no one could possibly have farmed up in the half hour after the server came online — with Dalaran phase-shifted into the Nether (Did I mention that falling through the world causes durability damage?), Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms chain-crashing and the instance servers either locked or frozen.

Major Glyph of Patience:  Utilizing any in-game chat function now grants you the Patience effect.  While Patience is active, you are automatically removed from all global channels and your typing speed is reduced by 50%.  This prevents you from mindlessly spamming trade for that which no one has.

^ WTB!

Especially if I can throw it at people.  Like darts!   Pew, pew.

(… my inner warlock is showing, isn’t she?)


April 15, 2009 at 11:42 am 8 comments


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