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Sometimes, I feel sorry for Blizzard …

Six months ago:

Dear Blue,

Congratulations, Blizzard.  You’ve done what none of your competitors have managed to do, and ruined the endgame with your bull-nosed determination to cater to the casuals.  Where are the rep grinds?  The  long, wonderfully complex and lore-rich attunement chains?  The rare profession drops that made my tradeskill profitable?  Everyone and their pet Sporebat  has the same recipes that I do — not to mention the same recolored gear and the same meaningless achievements.

I am no longer a unique and special snowflake.

No Love,

Your Fans

Last week:

Dear Blue,

Books of Glyph Mastery …  WTF?!  I’ve been grinding for eight hours and have yet to see a single one!  Why couldn’t you make the new glyphs trainable, so everyone could learn them?  Or even purchasable with tokens, like recipes for Cooking and Jewelcrafting?  I really don’t know what you were thinking with this one, Blizzard.  Have you even looked at the Auction House lately?  Those greedy scribes are ruining the economy.  Keep this up, and we’re going to need a bail out.

And, seriously.  What is with epic crafting patterns and Fragments of Val’ynar only dropping in 25 raids?  Or this pointless grind you call the “Argent Tournament”?  The endgame has become a timesink.

And you still hate casuals.

No Love,

Your Fans


April 22, 2009 at 5:20 pm 8 comments


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