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To all trains a silver lining

Two weeks ago, I would have agreed whole-heartedly with Matticus’s 2nd Sign of Early Burnout:


2. When your fellow raiders drop a train set, you wish that you could teleport them to Stranglethorn arena and kill them all.  Choo choo?  I hate you.  Note to self: learn to PvP.


But then, something so ridiculously cute happened in /raid chat that I just had to port to Dalaran right then and there to buy a train set of my own.  Don’t get me wrong; I still hate the damned thing! … but now, I love it a little bit too.

What happened, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you!

Naxx-25, Abomination Quarter:

We’re waiting for Patchwerk to path ’round, so there’s a brief lull in the action.  Usually, brief lulls are accompanied by choo-choo noises and a whole lot of groaning, but this time — miraculously — no one drops a train.  Either they’re all on cooldown, or our repeat offenders are appropriately contrite after a few slime-induced wipes. /cough

Then, inexplicably, our elemental shaman speaks up:

“Can someone drop a train?”

There’s a moment of stunned silence, then everyone continues babbling about whatever they were babbling about before.  Hockey.  BOOT FLASKS.  (Which is always capitalized, for some reason.)  The upcoming Great Armor Nerf of 2009. 

No one drops a train set.


More silence. 

Finally, benevolent guild leader that I am — I bite.

“For the love of Hellfire and Healthstones, Buff!  Why?!”  (Yes, our shaman’s name is Buffuup.  No, I don’t really say it like that.  But I wish I had.)

 “It’s for my son.  He really likes it, but mine’s on cooldown.”


That dripping noise isn’t the *glub, glub, glub* of the distant Frogger boss.  It’s the slow melting of my Undead heart.

I have no idea why this gets to me as it does.  I don’t even like kids!  When my best friend’s brother started selling pink “I LOVE (to eat) BABIES. (Keep breeding human.)” t-shirts on Cafepress, I bought two.

(I can’t remember the name of the store, so I Googled the quote in an attempt to find it again.  I really hope no one in IT is watching, because I can just imagine explaining to HR why I’m scouring the ‘net for websites about eating babies …)

So, no, I’m not really into kids.  But for some reason, this strikes me as absolutely freakin’ adorable.  Added bonus?  I now know why Buff logs onto his main every 30 minutes during the day to drop a train set in the middle of Dalaran.  That one always baffled me, but there are some things about my guild members I just don’t want to know.


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