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The best application I ever denied …

I received a very nice application from a Willing-to-Be-Holy Paladin at a time that we desperately needed another healer.  He had obviously put some time and thought into his answers, and injected them with a fair dose of humor as well. 

There were two I especially liked:

 Why do you want to join? 

I have looked fairly deeply into the guilds on this server, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this one would be the best fit for me based on your ability to have a casual attitude towards raiding, while still progressing well.  In the past I’ve played the game much more seriously than I should have, and I think that takes away from the fun of the game.  Which is, the overall reason we all play.

I’ll admit, the last sentence (technically, fragment) makes me /twitch.  If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s comma abuse!   (TJ: 1, BRK: 0 … if you’re keeping score.)

Other than that, this is a solid answer.  The Paladin doesn’t just tell me he’s done his homework; he shows me, by paraphrasing my guild’s vision statement in his response.  His description of the guild is pretty much spot-on: we market ourselves as a casual guild and have a relaxed attitude towards raiding, but still manage to remain fairly competitive when it comes to progression.  Clearly, the Paladin has either has talked to someone who knows us, or visited both our website (which describes our philosophies) and the realm forum (where our progression is posted).  Either way, I appreciate the fact that he’s taken the time to research the guild before applying to it.

 What is your favorite boss fight?  Why? 

Tanking Hydross the Unstable.  I thought the idea of making a whole set of gear for one fight was very cool for some reason.  =D  The fight isn’t even all that technical, but for me it was very fun.

He mentions a specific boss fight and one of its mechanics, which tells me that he either has raid experience or is able to use WoWWiki or Bosskillers to fake his way through it.  (I’m such a cynic.)  He also claims to have enjoyed creating a resistance set.  If this is true, he’s (1) insane, and (2) the kind of player who is willing to invest some serious time and/or gold in his gear … both big pluses in my book!

The rest of his application is equally well-written, and by the time I alt-tab back into the game, I’m looking forward to talking to him.  I open my Social window with the intention of adding him to my friends list, in part to see if he’s online and send him a /tell, and in part simply to stalk him … as I do all applicants to my guild … >.>

Hey, there’s a method to my madness! 

If you’re in Storm Peaks, then you’re probably doing Sons of Hodirs dailies, which is good. 

If you’re in Hillsbrad, then you might be ganking lowbies, which is pathetic and lame.  (Bad Hordeling, no cookie.)

Wait.  Where was I?

Oh, right.  Adding the Paladin to my friends list.

… except he’s already there.  That’s odd.  Where could I possibly know him from? 

I’m chewing on my lower lip, trying to remember (and panicking a little, because I have a reputation for a this totally OP memory to protect), when my Shaman officer whispers me.  Out of the blue.  And in blue, as is the nature of Shamans.

[Shaman]: Hey, did you see that new app?  From the pally?
[Me]: Yep. I’m about to send him a tell him now.
[Shaman]: Don’t bother.  It’s Sal.  I’ve been keeping tabs on him for a while.
[Me]: … By “a while,” do you mean “since he /gquit in a fit of pique after losing the roll on our first Hammer of Judgement to a boomkin; took ALL of the enchanting mats, epic gems and Hearts of Darkness from the guild bank; spelled FUCK U with vendor trash in the Officers’ tab; and then posted screen shots of his handiwork on the realm forum?”
[Shaman]: Yes, exactly. 
[Shaman]: He also called your boyfriend fat and mocked you and your sex life in trade chat.
[Me]: Ah, good to know. That explains why he’s on my friend’s list; I must not have noticed the name change.

Application denied.



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