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I’ve never done a UI post before — but then, I’ve also never had a UI I was proud enough to show off!  I spent several hours on this one, after being thoroughly inspired (and more than a little intimidated) by a kgPanels tutorial I stumbled across on MMO Champion. 



I had two goals for this UI: 

  1.  To create as much open viewing space as possible, in part because I’ve been practicing Matticus’s Heads Up! method of healing — and seeing significant improvement in my output as a result — and in part to make those rare instances that I actually *twitch* melee in raids as painless as possible.
  2. To centralize all of the most important information on my screen (my raid frames, cast bar, totem timers and cooldown timers foremost among them)  in one easy-to-find location. 

Although my 10-man raid UI looks a little cluttered in this screen shot, it’s served both purposes remarkably well.  My reaction time is noticably better, and I’m finding myself better able to heal proactively by anticipating incoming damage now that I can actually, you know, see it.

One thing that may seem incongruous is Grid’s position on the far left of the screen, well away from the rest of the action.  It’s attached to the chat box because we have several raiders who don’t speak on Vent, so I’ve trained myself to keep a close eye on /raid and our various role channels.  In a 25-man raid, my Grid raid frames are the same width as my chat box.  My 10-man Grid is obviously smaller, so I tend to drag it around to keep it in a central(ish) location. 

Visible Add-ons

Buffalo: Customizable buffs, debuffs and weapon imbues; currently skinned with ButtonFacade and spread across the top right-hand of my screen.  I experimented with Elkano’s Buff Bars as well, but found that EBB took far too much real estate for something I tended to ignore in combat.  I use Grid to watch raid debuffs and Totem Timers to monitor those buffs that I can personally control, like my shields and weapon imbues, so Buffalo exists more for easy reference (“Did I get re-Kings’d after that last death?”, “Is the paladin running with Crusader aura again?”, “Do I need to drop Strength of Earth, or does the Death Knight have it covered?”) than anything else.

(Yes, re-Kings’d is a word.)

Button Facade: Interfaces with Buffalo, Dominos and Totem Timers to makes my buttons pretty.  I’m currently skinning Domino’s with Caith and Buffalo and Totem Timers with Serenity Squared.

Chatter: A chat mod that — in the words of its developers — “supports a whole bunch of stuff.”  One fun little feature turns the word invite into a link that you can click on to auto-invite the player who typed it to your party or raid. 

Dominos:  My action bars.  Unlike Macaroon (which I still love), Dominos interfaces smoothly with the game’s vehicle UI.  I switched from Macaroon to Dominos the third or fourth time I forgot to turn Blizzard’s default action bars back on before Malygos P3.  >.>

Grid (and Clique, of course!):  Highly customizable raid frames, used in conjuction with Clique for click-cast healing.  I also use Grid to monitor raid debuffs, incoming heals, aggro, mana bars (sometimes a fellow healer will need Mana Tide before I do) and anything that I can cleanse.

MikScrollingBattleText:  A relatively lightweight replacement for ScrollingCombatText.

Omen:  The ubiquitous threat meter, used primarily to tell me which overeager DPS to Riptide because he’s just about to pull aggro—

Oh, nevermind.  He died already.

OmniCC:  Adds cooldown counters to my action bar buttons.  I use it to keep an eye on Nature’s Swiftness, Tidal Force and Riptide; you can see it counting down the latter in this screenshot.

Quartz:  A modular cast bar that accounts for latency, and therefore tells me exactly when to start casting my next heal — even if it doesn’t appear that my current one has finished.  Quartz > Haste, true story!

Pitbull Unit Frames:   I use Pitbull for my player, pet, focus, target and targetoftarget frames.  I currently have buffs filtered to show only those that are specific to my class, so I can tell at a glance if my target is in range of my totem buffs or has a Riptide — or two, in Keaton’s case *points* — ticking down on him.  I almost always set my Earth Shield assignment as a focus, since I have ES macro’d to cast on my focus first, if one exists, and on my target otherwise.

Recount:  Damage meter, healing meter … overhealing meter.  >.>  We’ve been working on General Vexaz, so I usually have it set to overhealing these days. 

SLDataText:  SLDT is responsible for the text you see at the bottom of my screen: guild, friends, latency,  gold, durability, etc.  It replaces FuBar for me.

SexyMap:  Curse describes SexyMap as a “mimimap awesomification  mod,” and I don’t disagree — although my favorite feature is the ability to disable or hide all of my other mods’ various minimap buttons from one interface.

Totem Timers:  The one mod I can’t live without!   It organizes my totems into drop-down (or drop-up) menus, with the most recently cast totem of each element displayed by default and automatically recast when clicked.  It also displays totem timers, cooldown timers, shield charges and weapon imbues, and supports customized click-casting for all of the above.  If that weren’t enough, Totem Timers  creates a dynamic macro that casts the same totems that are currently “saved” (based on your most recent out of combat casts) in order, with one click! 

On those rare occasions that I go enhancement, Totem Timers also displays my cooldown timers and number of Maelstrom Weapon stacks on my current target — but it doesn’t give me advice about what ability to use next, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating the way I did with Shock & Awe. 😉

I am totally, head over heals in love with this mod.  Thank you, Tara, for recommending it!

Invisible Add-Ons

Since I’m a bit of an add-on whore, the list doesn’t stop there! 

Here are some (but not all) of the “invisible” add-ons I use on a daily basis:




Reference Tools





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